The number of Facebook users in America was in the US before India

 India became the largest country in terms of Facebook users

According to the latest figures released by advertisers on their platform, India has become the world's largest country regarding active Facebook users. Before this the honor was with the United States.

According to figures July 13, the number of active Facebook users in India is 241 million, while the number in the US is 240 million. During the last few months, the number of users in India remained more than the US.

During the past six months, the number of Facebook users in India increased 27 percent (more than 50 million), while in the United States increased the number of users in 12 percent (26 million more) in the same period.

Lots of people are using Facebook in terms of population ratio in India. Only 19 percent of India's total population uses Facebook, while 73% of the American population uses Facebook.

This global average is about 42%.

Apart from this, three quarters of Facebook are Indian consumers, while 54 percent of American consumers are included. More users in the UK are young. More than half of India's users under 25 years of age are also users of Facebook. As the mobile phone usage is increasing, the number of Indian users on social media is increasing rapidly.
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