Google applies animal-based themes on animal videos

Google Photos is one of Google's best services. Its most important feature is unlimited high quality images to save online without worrying about storage. In addition to this, Google Photos have many features. This can search for specific images, share them and convert them into clips.

Most of your users will see the automatic video made of Google Photos.

Google's algorithm takes a few pictures of a specific place, function, or time and changes the theme to them automatically into the video by adding themes to them. Google algorithm also identifies different animals or different species of the same beast.

Now some users have said that Google is not just changing pictures of pet, but also on the clip using songs on animals.

A Reddit user says Google made a video with dogs' pictures and applied songs like dog songs. Similarly, another user says that Google Photos made automatic video with its cats and uploaded the theme of the month of the month to the video.

Although Google did not announce specific updates for Google Photos, Google is working to improve automated media files.

In this context, Google is going to surprise us with many new themes. Hopefully all users with pets will soon see automatic videos containing great themes.
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