The family of the girl started informing people in public Longington, New Mexico, Madison Coewas died in a mobile phone accident last Sunday. When the Madison took a mobile hand on the socket in the bathroom socket sitting in the bathroom, she started making a surprise. This curve also spread to the water, due to which Madison died on the spot.

After the death of Madison, his family is trying to do such an accident with no other person.
The Madison family has launched an awareness campaign in this regard. The aim of the campaign is to inform people about the risks of mobile charging in the bathroom. In this respect, the Madison family is spreading a message using its Facebook account. The message states that whether your phone is an IP67 or IP68 certified, waterproof, do not use it in the bathroom or taking shower.

If you had to do this in compulsion, make sure that the mobile phone was not charged. You should not risk your life to try a feature, for which the company has not given any guarantee. . If you have small children at home, tell them from the youngest that electricity and water are combined together.
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