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With the passage of time the softness of the face decreases and the lack of proper diet and skin is due to it. In this case, experts are aware that massage is very important for the health of hygiene. .

With the passage of time the softness of the face decreases and the lack of proper diet and skin is due to it. In this case, experts are aware that massage is very important for the health of hygiene. Because the massage plays an important role in maintaining and rearing the face. It also eliminates the essential toxins in your body and unnecessary material stored on your face. There are numerous benefits of physical massage.

Historical significance of the massage:

History of the nature of mass masses is as old as the history of mankind. It is mentioned in the fukicrits of a thousand thousand years ago, a Chinese King of China. The strength and strength of the massage increases. It is an open secret that is supported by the emphasis of our elderly ladies and making fresh and unhealthy or just oil massage on the body of a small child is evidence that it is very beneficial. The ancient history of Rome shows that the women of this region make their faces beautiful from the masses. Women face face face by solving milk and breastfeeding in the Mughal Mughal. Murtaza's women's pistol 'Badam-e-Sufan'''''''Mam'am's flower' While the women of poor household used to massage milk.

Benefits of Massage:

Massage is not only cleaning the face, but also refreshing. It creates a glow on the face. There is no ribbage on the face. During the pregnancy, the blood moves towards the face, with the muscles of the facial strong. There is better sign of skin. The massage is to enhance the face of the face. If the face can remain beautiful forty years without massage, then the face of the face from the massage will increase for more than fifteen years, and if you are constantly attentive, the face is kept beautifully and cleanly until the increase. And the skin's freshness remains intact and prevents soft vitamin from the skin. The system prevents the effects of inflammation from the face and removes the face from the face and removes the acne and other spots from the face, with the help of black nails. Can be extracted. The massage strengthens the muscles or muscles of the face. The stomach present in the body removes out and reduces acne and nail frying process. Women who do massage massage say that once we get massage, it is very comfortable that we still feel the need for it. Once the eyes stop sitting in front of the beauty, then the fatigue of the month ends and the face and the face, Mind calm down. Massage is actually a simple scientific method or skill to soften the skin which improves the skin of grease and sweat, which improves the skin. Keeps the skin fresh and cool with proper lubrication. Makes soft and flexible. The white dyed color of white milk is found in the body, it does not contain pure and unnecessary materials in a dry way and does one way to drain. Pressure massage can keep your face new to life if you inform your beauty about your skin problems, then it can choose the right mass for you. Even if you have any problem with the stomach then you Experts can refer to the arrangement. But if there are some straps and straps on your face and dirty material goes on pressing, then the best solution is that a glass gets mixed with a lime juice in half the hot water as it is rising in the morning. This water body I will also remove the toxins present and refresh your face. There are abundant benefits of stomach massage, but before the massage you have to make some changes to your daily routines. Long talk or any other telephone call Avoid tired engagement.

The main reason for skin problems is less water use. Those who believe that the amount of water, coffee, and juices of water can be replaced. And the body meets the necessary amount of water, they are erroneous because fresh water Low use is a major cause of skin disorder, after which the defects are increased.

Massage and age:

What is the right age of your face massage? As far as this question is concerned there is no determination of age, it is impaired that a 15-year-old girl does not need a massage, it may also be possible. If he is suffering from a quick problem and his decision can be done by a special artist, who needs a massage when it is needed. However, it can be a result of a 15-year-old girl and her mother's massage. The skin is as low as it is and it can be better than just clining and tuning. But one thing is sure that the massage mass is very important for hygiene. Seasonal massage should be done after twenty-five years as it is unhealthy before it and the massage may prove to be harmful for the face. It should be done once in a month. Expert say that the massage should be done at least 20 years of age,

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