The ultra-right Australian politician came to the Senate in a burqa to protest

The Australian senator, the leader of the ultra-right party "One Nation" Pauline Hanson on Thursday, August 17, came to the workplace in the burka. The politician decided to wear a women's outfit hiding the whole body as part of a campaign to ban such clothes for Muslim women.

The act caused criticism from the government and Muslims. About 20 minutes, Hanson sat in her seat in the Senate, covered with a log, informs Reuters. Then the senator took off this garment, urging to ban his public wearing for reasons of national security. "I am quite happy that I withdrew this from myself, because this is not something that could be relevant in this parliament," the ultra-right politician said to her colleagues.

 "If a person in a balaclava or a helmet enters a bank or another building, or even a court session, he must be withdrawn from there." Why does the same not apply to those who hide their face and can not be identified? " - Asked the leader of "One Nation".
Say no to rape

The story of this young girl in Italy has become viral that she has been sexually harassed and that she was lucky to avoid being raped.
An 18-year-old Anita Fallani says she was going back to her home at night when an strange person started asking her questions.
Anita ignored her, but this person did not leave her.
He asks, 'I wonder why I do not get freedom like a man?'
Why are you bothering my daughter's case?
'She kept me raping every day for six months'
These words are reported in the Italian media and they have been shared thousands of times.
Anita is the daughter of Tuscany's Mayor. She explains how a person started harassing him after meeting a friend when he was waiting for the tram.
Anita, while reciting the words of this person, asks:
'You see me and think that you will tie me.' I have never seen you. I do not know who you are, but despite all that you do not stop. '
And then he remembers the person's words:
Good evening Miss. how are you? What is your name? Why do not you answer?
Anita ignored the person's questions and climbed the tram after mounting the headphones, but this person did not stop them tight.
He tells that when he got down from the tram, the person did not leave them.
'I was crying, I was alone and I did not understand what to do.'
Anita reveals that as she is calling someone but this person has not stopped her. She says that I was really scared when she walked after me and said, "Where are you going?" Are you walking with me
Anita Falani's post on Facebook's copyright ANITA FALLANI
Image caption
Anita Falani described this experience with her on facebook
She says that when she reached home, she realized the protection, but then the incident made them very angry.
Anita says that such a story would be of many girls, nothing is unusual, but is it one of the many things that has become a common practice or part of life in their lives.
He says that it has become so common that just like 'being punished' for something.
She says that I am surprised how often we should feel lucky that our rap did not happen.
Multan: Revenge of the 12-year-old girl rap, 17 year old girl's rap
Back to the rear bill after protest in Turkey
'I think how many times we have to realize that we are lucky that we have not got our rap'
The main national newspapers of Italy have published their story.
In another post on social media, Anita has written that she has told her "very bad and annoying" experience because 'it is an experience that has become normal but it should never happen'.
This could not be immediately pronounced whether the authorities started investigating the incident whether or not.
Barcelona terrorist atack CCTV Camera footage

A van in the tourist area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain, has crushed pedestrians, killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 50. The Spanish police says that after this incident on Thursday evening, tourists and locals took refuge in shops and hotels. According to the latest reports, the police said that the attacker was killed in a clash with the police in the city's outskirts. Routers say the emergency services have requested closure of local metro and train stations.

Campaign against tourists in various cities including Barcelona

According to reports, the Spanish police is calling it 'terrorist attack'. The newspaper LPs says the driver escaped after the van collided with dozens of people. Steven Turner, who works in the same area, told the BBC: 'From my office at La Rambles, people saw Van van collision with pedestrians. I saw three or four people lying down on the ground. ' He said that there are many ambulance and armed police officers there. 20-year-old resident Marc España of Barcelona, ​​told: "There was a loud voice and everyone ran for safety. There were many people, many families, this is the most famous place in Barcelona. ' "I think many people are stuck."

It was horrible, he was in fear of fear, awesome. ' The details of this incident, however, are not clear, however, in the past many years ago, there have been incidents of violent collision by militants from Europe. Talking to Sky News, another Sunni Shahid, Anwar Anwar, told that he was going to La Ramballas, filled with tourists. "I suddenly heard the sound of the car, and everybody at that place started crying. I saw a woman who was calling her children. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Translator
Mujhe kyun Nikala? Nawaz Sharif Ka Sawal PTI Ne Jawab Kiase Diya? PTI leadership replied to Nawaz Sharif's Answer Why i am disqualified
Mujhe kyun Nikala? Nawaz Sharif Ka Sawal PTI Ne Jawab Kiase Diya?
Why i get disqualified?? people of lahore replied to Nawaz Sharif

Why i get disqualified?? people of lahore replied to Nawaz Sharif