Nawaz Sharif's 30-year accountability has not been accountable for Nawaz Sharif's place, but he did not forget about the robbers, JIT will never forget the nation-friendly nation. Addressing party workers in Kota


KITTA (Urdu Newspaper Top rated: July 14, 2017): Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the next week's Pakistani history will be a major weekend, the next week is being decided against corruption mafia, JIT will never forget the Pak-Pakistan nation. Martha, while addressing party workers in Kota, said that workers and people will be defeated by living in a private sector.

He said that Qa'ida-e-Azam is a sacrifice for Pakistan's creation. The sacrificial sacrifice is Pakistan. The people who did not understand Hindi were also convinced Qayyazim. Qaida leader Khoram Khaleef also said Sadiq and Amin. But today the Green Passport is not respected in the world. When a country ruler lies The robbery destroyed the institutions of the Tamalak. On this occasion, Imran Khan announces slogans that there is a noise in the street, but there is no excitement, Praetborough.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif has said that he is 30 years of accountability. He said, "We have forgotten you." He said, "We have forgotten the government." He said, "You have done the wrong thing for theft," he said, adding that the country was going to become great. He said that there is a lot of corruption in the country, corruption agencies do not. Do not get the venues. Whenever you go out of the country every year, you have to take care.

You are spending thousands of people in the country. The next week's domestic history is coming weekend. It is believed that these robbers will become Nepalis in Kapakistan. Defeats the rest of the secularists. Insha Allah, the JIT report is being discussed next week. He said that JIT members will greet the Pakistani people. GL IT will never forget the Pakistani nation. Shishaullah looks like me being a new Pakistani next week. "When the new Pakistan will come into existence, Nepal will be there when the thieves will come down under the law." Imran Khan said that we would celebrate all the good wishes to invite everyone to come to Islam.
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