Complete Documentary on Panama Case and joint Investigation team

Panama Case Nawaz Sharif's Family Complete Story

Here is Complete documentary to know about Panama Case on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

JIT complete report will be Submit on Monday 11 July 2017.will this  JIT report change Pakistan's Political View?

 Panama Story Started when world's secret company from Panama named Mossack Fonseca revealed more than 10 million secret documents globally.
Its first target was Iceland's Prime minister who gave resignation due to public pressure after few days of panama leaks. Either it's David Cameron or Putin all jumped out of bed.
Panama offshore companies changed global Politics and from where a new story of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This time Prime Minister Nawaz Shrif's Mayfair Flat's London were on hit-list.
The Exposure of Panama Leaks were:
 Nawaz Sharif Children have offshore Companies that are not shown in Family Asset's.
The Identities of three companies are:
  1. Nielsen Enterprises Ltd 1994
  2. Nescoll Limited 1993
  3. Hangon Property Holdings Ltd 2007
These Companies are used to get Foreign Assets, in which Mayfair Park Lane Flats are also bought by Sharif Family.
Offshore Companies Scandal bring whole PMLN head to head. PMLN Leadership denied about offshore companies and Prime Minister addressed to Nation on 5th April 2016 to Investigate about offshore Companies by Retired Judges Committee.But Opposition rejected it by saying there will be no out come of this investigation as we saw in history. Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf Leader Imran khan Raised this issue warmly and demanded resignation of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif not only this but asked for inquiry from Chief Justice of Pakistan Zaheer Jamali. Imran khan said if it didn't happened PTI  will do protest and overtake Prime minister house.
Many Stories Came about London Flat's, 
As Hussain Nawaz said that
 Park Lane Apartments are our and Offshore companies Nelson and Nescoll are owned by my sister Maryam Nawaz and i am beneficiary owner
But Own Other hand Maryam Nawaz Sharif Denied and said:
  that i don't own any property in London as well as Pakistan.I live with my father.

In Interview  Anchor asked Hassan Nawaz Who own Mayfair Flats in which you are living  His reply was
It's on a rent. I live on a rent basis which come from Pakistan

 On 22 April Again Prime Minister did address with nation and insured about inquiry

On 16 May Prime Minister Addressed to National Assembly and Said:
It should Happen: To get the true picture

Prime Minister wrote a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan for investigation and  requested about Panama Case Commission but opposition denied it.
PTI JI Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and Tariq Asad submitted application to Supreme Court for Panama Case Investigation.
On 30th December Imran khan did procession in-front of PM House and demanded for Resignation and gave call for Lock down on 2 Nov 2016. Demands were either investigation or Resignation.

2 Nov protest changed to chaos when Chauhdhry Nisar ordered to block Islamabad link roads.
Sheikh Rasheed reached rawalpindi on motor bike and talked with media. Bani gala was surrounded by Police to halt Imran khan and pti workers. At sawabi pti kpk rally changed to ground of battle. On 1 Nov Chief Justice took action and decided to create commission on panama leaks and asked opposition to submit TOR's 


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