US space X rocket explode
Space X rocket explode after launch
The US company Space X rocket sent to the International Space Station has crashed.
Cape Florida area kynaurl rocket sent into space unmanned sent into space, but the 'Falcon September, shortly after takeoff and burst into the air, were destroyed.
Rocket through the international space station supplies were being sent.
US company Space X rocket sent into space, which is the third failed attempt.
It was sent in January and April rocket fell into the sea.
Send rockets into space to experience being shown live on TV tha.amrykh the NASA commentator said the rocket exploded. Our experience is that it seems to fail. Then it can be said that the experience did not fail. '
After the flight of the rocket exploded shortly.
 correspondent Jonathan Amos says, "If this experiment succeeds, it could revolutionize the existing system of rockets."
Space X says cautiously that he would send rockets into space again, so that the cost of access to space can be reduced.
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