Karachi, capital of Sindh province of Pakistan in 1140 the death toll from the heat while Sindh has reached more than 30 people were killed. After five days of intense heat when the weather is better now, but still the city's hospitals are full of people who are affected by heat.

The people of Karachi heat byhal Images '49 Degree heat index caused deaths. According to BBC correspondent Sohail Riaz most of these people were killed and dozens of people in hospital condition is still critical. Jinnah Hospital Emergency Department head Dr Semi Jamali Thursday there were 329 heat-related illnesses and deaths have been caused.The Karachi Municipal Corporation-run hospitals have confirmed 213 dead. In addition to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, 164 hospitals, 123 of the Civil Hospital Karachi, Liaquat National Hospital, 73, 51 Institute of Cardiology, Institute of Child 12, while 175 people died in other hospitals.Moreover, according to PTV Plus Hyderabad Sindh Thatta, Jacobabad, Shikarpur and Larkana over 30 people have died because of the heat. In Karachi, Pakistani media said the number of people affected by the heat is more than 40 thousand.

The provincial government in the province on Wednesday due to the extreme heat was declared a public holiday. Due to the scale of the casualties of dead bodies in fields which ended scope of the relatives have faced difficulties. Anwar Kazmi, a spokesman for the Edhi Foundation, the heat wave began in the early days there were only 500 bodies Edhi morgue. They say that never in the past did not come in such a large number of dead bodies in the morgue.

karachi Heat stroke

karachi Heat stroke

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