Child slavery in Pakistan. 

 A sad story of child slavery shared by a Pakistani.

Here It is

" Yesterday while traveling back to islamabad from lahore with my family we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. There I saw the worst form of humanity. A family of 9-10 members were eating and enjoying there food. They had came along with their 4 servant kids. Now one of the servant boy was sitting on the floor as he was not allowed to sit on the chair. Later on he was told to turn his face towards the wall so that he may not see them eating the luxurious food.He wasn't even offered! (See the first picture)


 The other two maids who were hardly 8 or 10 ,were forced to sit perfectly still facing the wall. They weren't allowed to move there hands even. (See the second picture)


Now the worst part comes! The last servant girl who was around 5 was sitting underneath the table eating the left overs of the food that was thrown to her as if she was a dog or any other animal. She was sitting in there feet and was sweating badly as the temperature was quiet warm. She came out when they were about to leave. (The last picture)


 Its just one story there are thousands of people who treat there servants like animals! PEOPLE, please be kind to your servants and consider them human beings atleast! Either don't take your servants to a restaurant if you have no intension of providing them with dignity and if you do, then please offer them the same food that you eat and allow them to sit with you. Its a big sin and Allah will ask you about your servant rights. May Allah give us hadayat, AMEEN. ‪#‎ServantsArenotanimals‬ ‪#‎Stopthisinhumanity‬ "

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