An Australian traveler, the UAE's national airline alliance Airways is required to pay compensation.
James basus the passenger stand that they sit in the back with a loaded one has been hurt.
He said the United Arab Emirates to Sydney to sit with them during the 14-hour flight passengers had to sit because his body twist.
James says, because he has a back problem and the two lakh 27 thousand dollars of damages are claimed.
The management of Union Airways say they will continue to oppose the case.
The company said in a statement in December 2015 James basus may have to undergo a medical examination.
The company said in a statement, "We believe that this matter brhyga forward with early results."
Pain and discomfort
Alliance airlines try to finish the case that was filed in 2012, but the court dismissed the case.
The trial, a judge on Thursday rejected a request by James basus he ordered a medical examination.
38-year-old Australian from Brisbane James designer by profession.
They say that during the flight the passenger seat of a large size were extended.
He says that after five hours of patience when he asked to change his place when he was told that the ship is not an empty seat.
James finally in the last part of the ship's crew had to go on the landing, but once again he had to return to his seat.
Alliance says Airways flight when loaded with a heavy-bodied passengers to sit in a normal person's.
James says that now she's back to work because of the pain and difficulty in sleeping face.
He demanded compensation for their medical expenses and work safely because of the damage caused.
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