Russian robot on the street and causes havoc on the roads

Reportedly took to the streets of robots in a laboratory in the city of Perm, Russia, causing a traffic jam in the city.
Perm were in teaching scientists how the robot should move independently prmubut Laboratories. Robot forgot to close the gate when a scientist came out from the laboratory.
Robots have come out of the laboratory to the nearest road and it was a distance of about 50 meters and then remove the battery.
One man has posted a robot walking on busy street paving and is protected by a traffic warden.
After stopping the robot guy is going to take this.
Russia's Channel Five television footage was shot on the channel, and the robot spent about 40 minutes wandering on the road.
However, not everyone agreed that the robot itself automatically come on the road. Scientists for cheap popularity says something in Russian media has done this.
Pumubut laboratories that could give robots their answers to the questions
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