Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif UN complete speech 2016

Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said the investigation of the violent events in Indian-administered Kashmir demand conducted by the United Nations fact-finding mission.
This he said during a speech Wednesday at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan wants peace with India and dialogue in the interest of both countries, but peace is not possible without resolving the Kashmir issue.
* CHAKOTI sector, "the alert upset Army
*andya Administered several arrests in Kashmir
He said they demand that Indian-administered investigate the independent investigation of the extrajudicial killings in Kashmir and the UN fact-finding mission gratuitous violence to be sent to Kashmir to India and those responsible be punished. "
He said that the political prisoners, cessation of violence and injuries demand medical assistance. "
Nawaz Sharif said that hinder unacceptable preconditions dialogue from India.
He further said kh'jmun youth in Kashmir has risen against the illegal occupation of India. "
In his speech, he invited talks on all outstanding issues, India and Pakistan is ready to negotiate unconditionally.
He also said that Pakistan's membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group is capable and willing to discuss treaty on nuclear tests.
Nawaz Sharif has been collecting weapons that India blamed on Pakistan and India are concerned. However, he said that Pakistan does not want arms race with India.
'Condition eradicate terrorism.
The Indian foreign ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup has praised the Prime Minister criticized the speech and said that the United Nations affirm the authority of the Prime Minister nyhzb major terrorist forum. It appears to be constantly connected with terrorists in Pakistan. "
He also said that the condition of India to negotiate an end to terrorism.

Official sources said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on the telephone from the region's current plight of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Thursday was done.
Later, the Prime Minister also met with UN Secretary General Ban gave evidence of them by Indian troops in Kashmir killed.
They show pictures of the Indian Prime Minister to victims of persecution Secretary General.
The idea that the militants attacked a military base near the Line of Control in Uri sector of Indian-administered Kashmir to India is the tension between Pakistan and India.
Afghan problem discussed
Addressing the General Assembly to eliminate terrorism, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has made coherent policy and yielding positive results.
'Operation Zarb-e-Pakistan is the world's most successful campaign against terrorism.

Afghan President requested Pakistan played a role in the reconciliation process.
He said that Pakistan is hopeful that Afghan refugees would return to their homeland from customized and respectful manner.
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