DG ISPR on Operation Khyber Four

"Operation Khyber four" started today in Rajagal and Shawal, Major General Asif Ghafoor The operation is in Rawalpindi, Rajasthan operation is going to eradicate ISIS, Pakistan is operating against all the terrorists, including Haqqani network, Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav appealed to the Army Chief, Justice will be done at merit, CPEC will be accomplished, INDIA is violatesviolates LOC Cease fire Agreement to to revert attention from Kashmir.DGISPR talked with media.
 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army Chief Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the army has launched operations in Rajgal and Shawal today morning, "Operation Khyber-four" This operation is based on the reaction of Rad-ul-fasaad. Rajgal is a difficult area from Fata. Regarding operation, Ground will be tougher than the reality. There are 8 darah in the Rajgal. Pakistan airforce will also help in the operation .

The para chanar blast has got evidence of ISIS. Earlier, the Bajaur, sawat and Mahmand Agency were cleared. Zubair-e-Azb, which started in 2014, in which these areas were cleared. Since the operation, Radull-ul-fasaad was launched, 46 major operations were conducted. They said that our efforts in Balochistan in 2013-14 were targeting religious extremism. 13 major operations in Balochistan were done. 6 Major and 7 thousand more than 22 terrorists were killed during operations in Punjab.

He said that Karachi has improved significantly. 96 percent decrease in terrorism and kidnapping. The efforts of resolving water problems are being carried out. In the year 522 terrorists surrendered at sindh, he said that India is violating the LOC process for removing attention from Kashmir. India has become the largest residential population of India. The state has violated the 580 barisphere agreement this year. He said that Pakistan is operating against all the terrorists, including Haqqani network.

He said that Indian spy have appealed to the army chief. The appeal of the kalbushan to the House of Representatives will be discussed on merit. He said that the army is not involved in any conspiracy. The person will do the right thing to do. The only thing that matters is that political forces are working only for the peace and stability of the Pak Army. The responsibility of the constitution and the law is the responsibility of everybody.We are working to save CPEC from all internal and external threats. There will be no controversy in the media. The social media is entitled to express the conspiracies. While the patriot does not belong to the social media campaign against Pakistan Pak Army.

He said that dealing with potential floods in the country The army has prepared for it already. He said that Raymond Davis had the privilege of immunity but the book came as a contractor. He asked a question that there was no direct link to the JIT. DG ISPR said that the JIT was made by the Supreme Court, which comprised the two members of the Pak Army (ISI and MI). The members of the team worked honestly.court has to decide the results. While the Pak Army has no connection directly with the JIT activities. He said that the army will play role for the security of the country. He said that we have already informed Afghanistan about the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa operation.
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