Massive Shooting in Florida at Gay Nightclub 50 killed

State Police in Orlando, Florida gay sex have killed at least 50 people in a shooting at a nightclub.
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The White House said in a statement: "This is terrorism and hate the process."
Adding that "it is not known clearly about the currently attacker.
Orlando Mayor has declared emergency in the city after the attack.

Adding that "it is not known clearly about the currently attacker.
Police said officers had made killed the assailant entered the Pulse club in the middle of three hours after the incident in which several people hostage.
The Reuters has learned that the suspect's name and his age is 29 years old Omer Mateen
Police called the incident a terrorist attack or the relationship did not know whether the United States or another country.
Orlando Police Chief John Mina told a news briefing that the exact number of victims is not known yet but 20 people were killed. Another 42 people were injured.

He said the attacker was a rifle, armed with a pistol and was tied with any type of device.
The idea being that a terrorist attack was not a terrorist watch list, but I recently was being investigated in connection with another crime.

The Orlando Police said they have a "controlled explosion". Meena said the aim was supervising the attacker's attention. The attacker was taken hostage inside the club Meena said.

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