China: Tianjin blasts kill 44, injure 500

China's northern port city of Tianjin blasts killed at least 44 people and wounded more than 500.
The explosion occurred in a warehouse near the port where "lethal goods, including explosives, were laid.According to China's official news agency, Shin was dead, including 12 firefighters.
The agency is expected to rise in the death toll.Wednesday and Thursday night a thousand firefighters are trying to control the blaze.China's state media said the explosion was so intense that their voices were heard several kilometers and after the explosion of flame could be seen from space.
Explosion of containers at China city Tianjin
Social media released photos of the sky can be seen through the flames. Nearby buildings were demolished by the explosion. More than 500 people were injured in the blasts and the city's hospitals are full of patients.
China's official media reported 11 injured were in serious condition.
The first blast occurred at 11:30 am local time in the night and it was about 30 seconds after the second explosion.
Explosion in Tianjin China
Explosion in Tianjin China  
China's earthquake center said the first blast was equivalent to three tons of explosives exploded while the other blast was equal to 21 tons of material borough
According to the official news agency Shin, President of China Xi Jinping to the rescue msasrh 'effort' is emphasized.
American eyewitness, truck driver xahu xyngcn told AP news agency that it was exactly the same as we are talking about a nuclear explosion, I had never imagined that such a thing be able to see, it was very scary, but it was beautiful. "
An eyewitness told local media that he had suddenly stepped out to purchase the 'fire saw a big fire. "
Eyewitness, said the blast shook the ground, cars and buildings were shaken. Each of the buildings were shattered and began jogging. All people living in the buildings were on the road together. "
After explosion fire is still on going
After explosion fire is still on going
Despite the lapse of several hours after the explosion of the fire is still ongoing. State TV said police engaged in search and rescue as well as fire extinguishers, and she wants all chemicals to be completely gutted.
There are strong winds in the area. More explosions in the chemical concerns.
The scenes shown on state television after the explosion of the power has gone off nearby buildings. China's state radio says there are cracks in buildings close to the scene.
Canada witnessed the explosion from a woman told : "I was sleeping. The blast opened my eyes, I felt like the whole building was shaking. There was an earthquake, I was scared up from the bed and the sky was red and my neighbors were out of the building. The second blast was so late. '
China's capital Beijing, Tianjin city in the southeast of the main industrial and commercial ports is calculated and is based in the city of 75 million people.
People are suffering from explosion smoke 

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