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DG ISPR on Operation Khyber Four

"Operation Khyber four" started today in Rajagal and Shawal, Major General Asif Ghafoor The operation is in Rawalpindi, Rajasthan operation is going to eradicate ISIS, Pakistan is operating against all the terrorists, including Haqqani network, Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav appealed to the Army Chief, Justice will be done at merit, CPEC will be accomplished, INDIA is violatesviolates LOC Cease fire Agreement to to revert attention from Kashmir.DGISPR talked with media.
 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army Chief Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the army has launched operations in Rajgal and Shawal today morning, "Operation Khyber-four" This operation is based on the reaction of Rad-ul-fasaad. Rajgal is a difficult area from Fata. Regarding operation, Ground will be tougher than the reality. There are 8 darah in the Rajgal. Pakistan airforce will also help in the operation .

The para chanar blast has got evidence of ISIS. Earlier, the Bajaur, sawat and Mahmand Agency were cleared. Zubair-e-Azb, which started in 2014, in which these areas were cleared. Since the operation, Radull-ul-fasaad was launched, 46 major operations were conducted. They said that our efforts in Balochistan in 2013-14 were targeting religious extremism. 13 major operations in Balochistan were done. 6 Major and 7 thousand more than 22 terrorists were killed during operations in Punjab.

He said that Karachi has improved significantly. 96 percent decrease in terrorism and kidnapping. The efforts of resolving water problems are being carried out. In the year 522 terrorists surrendered at sindh, he said that India is violating the LOC process for removing attention from Kashmir. India has become the largest residential population of India. The state has violated the 580 barisphere agreement this year. He said that Pakistan is operating against all the terrorists, including Haqqani network.

He said that Indian spy have appealed to the army chief. The appeal of the kalbushan to the House of Representatives will be discussed on merit. He said that the army is not involved in any conspiracy. The person will do the right thing to do. The only thing that matters is that political forces are working only for the peace and stability of the Pak Army. The responsibility of the constitution and the law is the responsibility of everybody.We are working to save CPEC from all internal and external threats. There will be no controversy in the media. The social media is entitled to express the conspiracies. While the patriot does not belong to the social media campaign against Pakistan Pak Army.

He said that dealing with potential floods in the country The army has prepared for it already. He said that Raymond Davis had the privilege of immunity but the book came as a contractor. He asked a question that there was no direct link to the JIT. DG ISPR said that the JIT was made by the Supreme Court, which comprised the two members of the Pak Army (ISI and MI). The members of the team worked honestly.court has to decide the results. While the Pak Army has no connection directly with the JIT activities. He said that the army will play role for the security of the country. He said that we have already informed Afghanistan about the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa operation.
Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes 

New Delhi:  Bollywood actor Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes Rio de Souza will be starring in a new movie. According to the Indian media, actor Salman Khan, acting in this regard, confirmed to play the main role with Jacqueline Fernandes in the new movie of Corio-Professor Rio De Souza, saying that Jacqueline plays a great dance. Jacqueline Fernandes will become a teacher of the Jacqueline Fernandes. Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes work together in the director Kabir Khan's film "Kick" which proved to be a block bout in the box office.

facial massage

With the passage of time the softness of the face decreases and the lack of proper diet and skin is due to it. In this case, experts are aware that massage is very important for the health of hygiene. .

With the passage of time the softness of the face decreases and the lack of proper diet and skin is due to it. In this case, experts are aware that massage is very important for the health of hygiene. Because the massage plays an important role in maintaining and rearing the face. It also eliminates the essential toxins in your body and unnecessary material stored on your face. There are numerous benefits of physical massage.

Historical significance of the massage:

History of the nature of mass masses is as old as the history of mankind. It is mentioned in the fukicrits of a thousand thousand years ago, a Chinese King of China. The strength and strength of the massage increases. It is an open secret that is supported by the emphasis of our elderly ladies and making fresh and unhealthy or just oil massage on the body of a small child is evidence that it is very beneficial. The ancient history of Rome shows that the women of this region make their faces beautiful from the masses. Women face face face by solving milk and breastfeeding in the Mughal Mughal. Murtaza's women's pistol 'Badam-e-Sufan'''''''Mam'am's flower' While the women of poor household used to massage milk.

Benefits of Massage:

Massage is not only cleaning the face, but also refreshing. It creates a glow on the face. There is no ribbage on the face. During the pregnancy, the blood moves towards the face, with the muscles of the facial strong. There is better sign of skin. The massage is to enhance the face of the face. If the face can remain beautiful forty years without massage, then the face of the face from the massage will increase for more than fifteen years, and if you are constantly attentive, the face is kept beautifully and cleanly until the increase. And the skin's freshness remains intact and prevents soft vitamin from the skin. The system prevents the effects of inflammation from the face and removes the face from the face and removes the acne and other spots from the face, with the help of black nails. Can be extracted. The massage strengthens the muscles or muscles of the face. The stomach present in the body removes out and reduces acne and nail frying process. Women who do massage massage say that once we get massage, it is very comfortable that we still feel the need for it. Once the eyes stop sitting in front of the beauty, then the fatigue of the month ends and the face and the face, Mind calm down. Massage is actually a simple scientific method or skill to soften the skin which improves the skin of grease and sweat, which improves the skin. Keeps the skin fresh and cool with proper lubrication. Makes soft and flexible. The white dyed color of white milk is found in the body, it does not contain pure and unnecessary materials in a dry way and does one way to drain. Pressure massage can keep your face new to life if you inform your beauty about your skin problems, then it can choose the right mass for you. Even if you have any problem with the stomach then you Experts can refer to the arrangement. But if there are some straps and straps on your face and dirty material goes on pressing, then the best solution is that a glass gets mixed with a lime juice in half the hot water as it is rising in the morning. This water body I will also remove the toxins present and refresh your face. There are abundant benefits of stomach massage, but before the massage you have to make some changes to your daily routines. Long talk or any other telephone call Avoid tired engagement.

The main reason for skin problems is less water use. Those who believe that the amount of water, coffee, and juices of water can be replaced. And the body meets the necessary amount of water, they are erroneous because fresh water Low use is a major cause of skin disorder, after which the defects are increased.

Massage and age:

What is the right age of your face massage? As far as this question is concerned there is no determination of age, it is impaired that a 15-year-old girl does not need a massage, it may also be possible. If he is suffering from a quick problem and his decision can be done by a special artist, who needs a massage when it is needed. However, it can be a result of a 15-year-old girl and her mother's massage. The skin is as low as it is and it can be better than just clining and tuning. But one thing is sure that the massage mass is very important for hygiene. Seasonal massage should be done after twenty-five years as it is unhealthy before it and the massage may prove to be harmful for the face. It should be done once in a month. Expert say that the massage should be done at least 20 years of age,

The family of the girl started informing people in public Longington, New Mexico, Madison Coewas died in a mobile phone accident last Sunday. When the Madison took a mobile hand on the socket in the bathroom socket sitting in the bathroom, she started making a surprise. This curve also spread to the water, due to which Madison died on the spot.

After the death of Madison, his family is trying to do such an accident with no other person.
The Madison family has launched an awareness campaign in this regard. The aim of the campaign is to inform people about the risks of mobile charging in the bathroom. In this respect, the Madison family is spreading a message using its Facebook account. The message states that whether your phone is an IP67 or IP68 certified, waterproof, do not use it in the bathroom or taking shower.

If you had to do this in compulsion, make sure that the mobile phone was not charged. You should not risk your life to try a feature, for which the company has not given any guarantee. . If you have small children at home, tell them from the youngest that electricity and water are combined together.

Google applies animal-based themes on animal videos

Google Photos is one of Google's best services. Its most important feature is unlimited high quality images to save online without worrying about storage. In addition to this, Google Photos have many features. This can search for specific images, share them and convert them into clips.

Most of your users will see the automatic video made of Google Photos.

Google's algorithm takes a few pictures of a specific place, function, or time and changes the theme to them automatically into the video by adding themes to them. Google algorithm also identifies different animals or different species of the same beast.

Now some users have said that Google is not just changing pictures of pet, but also on the clip using songs on animals.

A Reddit user says Google made a video with dogs' pictures and applied songs like dog songs. Similarly, another user says that Google Photos made automatic video with its cats and uploaded the theme of the month of the month to the video.

Although Google did not announce specific updates for Google Photos, Google is working to improve automated media files.

In this context, Google is going to surprise us with many new themes. Hopefully all users with pets will soon see automatic videos containing great themes.

The number of Facebook users in America was in the US before India

 India became the largest country in terms of Facebook users

According to the latest figures released by advertisers on their platform, India has become the world's largest country regarding active Facebook users. Before this the honor was with the United States.

According to figures July 13, the number of active Facebook users in India is 241 million, while the number in the US is 240 million. During the last few months, the number of users in India remained more than the US.

During the past six months, the number of Facebook users in India increased 27 percent (more than 50 million), while in the United States increased the number of users in 12 percent (26 million more) in the same period.

Lots of people are using Facebook in terms of population ratio in India. Only 19 percent of India's total population uses Facebook, while 73% of the American population uses Facebook.

This global average is about 42%.

Apart from this, three quarters of Facebook are Indian consumers, while 54 percent of American consumers are included. More users in the UK are young. More than half of India's users under 25 years of age are also users of Facebook. As the mobile phone usage is increasing, the number of Indian users on social media is increasing rapidly.