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Russia's military contingent in Pakistan for joint exercises


The exercise will continue for two weeks between the two forces
The Russian military public relations department has arrived in Pakistan for joint military exercises for the first time a contingent of the army and the exercise will continue for two weeks.
Between Friday that the ISP said in a statement released by R. evil forces of Pakistan and Russia The exercise will continue for two weeks.
According to Russian state news agency ITAR-TASS "Friendship 2016" military exercises of the opening ceremony on September 24 at a military training school in the Himalayas in Pakistan Army Training center Rato.
*'pakistan Do not suffer loneliness, standing to the right place.
Buy four MI-35 helicopters with *rus contract
Pakistan and the purpose of these exercises is to increase further the evil forces of Russia defense cooperation between the two countries.
About two hundred soldiers will take part in joint exercises by both countries.
Posted mountains of the Caucasus to take part in joint exercises, according to ITAR-TASS Southern Command Mountain mobile brigades and 70 military headquarters staff arrived from Pakistan.
The aim of the joint military exercise is to exchange experiences in the mountains. Hills-based areas exercises will focus on illegal armed groups to end the practice.
The idea that the Indian media after militants attacked a military camp in the last days of Indian-administered Uri sector of Kashmir had begun to take these reports stressed that Russia has canceled the exercises with the Pakistan military .
But later proved wrong by the Indian news media.
The last year before the MI-35 helicopter between Pakistan and Russia in August
Purchase Agreement was negotiated.
200 russian soldier taking part in russian pakistan army combine training

These exercises of Russia and Pakistan almost two hundred soldiers will take part
Under the agreement, Pakistan will buy four MI-35 helicopters from Russia.
In June 2015, the chief of the Pakistan Army General Raheel Sharif visited Russia.
During his visit, he also visited the Army defense exhibition.
After the Russian occupation and Russia's support to the Afghan Mujahideen in Afghanistan against Russia imposed a ban on the sale of all kinds of military equipment to Pakistan. However, Russia had lifted the ban on arms sales to Pakistan.
Two years ago, the Russian Defence Minister Sergei gaudy November had visited Pakistan.
Sergei Pakistan and Russia during the visit of gaudy signed agreements to expand cooperation in the defense sector.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif UN complete speech 2016

Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said the investigation of the violent events in Indian-administered Kashmir demand conducted by the United Nations fact-finding mission.
This he said during a speech Wednesday at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan wants peace with India and dialogue in the interest of both countries, but peace is not possible without resolving the Kashmir issue.
* CHAKOTI sector, "the alert upset Army
*andya Administered several arrests in Kashmir
He said they demand that Indian-administered investigate the independent investigation of the extrajudicial killings in Kashmir and the UN fact-finding mission gratuitous violence to be sent to Kashmir to India and those responsible be punished. "
He said that the political prisoners, cessation of violence and injuries demand medical assistance. "
Nawaz Sharif said that hinder unacceptable preconditions dialogue from India.
He further said kh'jmun youth in Kashmir has risen against the illegal occupation of India. "
In his speech, he invited talks on all outstanding issues, India and Pakistan is ready to negotiate unconditionally.
He also said that Pakistan's membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group is capable and willing to discuss treaty on nuclear tests.
Nawaz Sharif has been collecting weapons that India blamed on Pakistan and India are concerned. However, he said that Pakistan does not want arms race with India.
'Condition eradicate terrorism.
The Indian foreign ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup has praised the Prime Minister criticized the speech and said that the United Nations affirm the authority of the Prime Minister nyhzb major terrorist forum. It appears to be constantly connected with terrorists in Pakistan. "
He also said that the condition of India to negotiate an end to terrorism.

Official sources said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on the telephone from the region's current plight of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Thursday was done.
Later, the Prime Minister also met with UN Secretary General Ban gave evidence of them by Indian troops in Kashmir killed.
They show pictures of the Indian Prime Minister to victims of persecution Secretary General.
The idea that the militants attacked a military base near the Line of Control in Uri sector of Indian-administered Kashmir to India is the tension between Pakistan and India.
Afghan problem discussed
Addressing the General Assembly to eliminate terrorism, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has made coherent policy and yielding positive results.
'Operation Zarb-e-Pakistan is the world's most successful campaign against terrorism.

Afghan President requested Pakistan played a role in the reconciliation process.
He said that Pakistan is hopeful that Afghan refugees would return to their homeland from customized and respectful manner.

Explosion and firing at Istanbul airport, killing 36 people

The number of attacks on Turkey's Istanbul International Ataturk Airport and killed in gunfire has 36 and several were injured.
Airport three attackers were involved in the attack and opened fire with a Kalashnikov which was the entrance of the target terminal.
A police officer in a video released on social networks is wounded by the fire on an attacker. The attack wounded lying on the floor and gives off during the blast.
Least blasts that Turkish Prime Minister Ali Yildirim said 36 people were killed and over 80 injured.
He did not provide that the injured and victims may be foreign, but more details in this regard.
According to the prime minister said the Islamic militant group involved in the attacks suggest that the initial investigation.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the attacks on Istanbul airport to propaganda against his country through the blood and suffering of innocent people.


CCTV-footage of Istanbul airport, seemingly showing someone being shot and detonating a bomb




Russian robot on the street and causes havoc on the roads

Reportedly took to the streets of robots in a laboratory in the city of Perm, Russia, causing a traffic jam in the city.
Perm were in teaching scientists how the robot should move independently prmubut Laboratories. Robot forgot to close the gate when a scientist came out from the laboratory.
Robots have come out of the laboratory to the nearest road and it was a distance of about 50 meters and then remove the battery.
One man has posted a robot walking on busy street paving and is protected by a traffic warden.
After stopping the robot guy is going to take this.
Russia's Channel Five television footage was shot on the channel, and the robot spent about 40 minutes wandering on the road.
However, not everyone agreed that the robot itself automatically come on the road. Scientists for cheap popularity says something in Russian media has done this.
Pumubut laboratories that could give robots their answers to the questions

Massive Shooting in Florida at Gay Nightclub 50 killed

State Police in Orlando, Florida gay sex have killed at least 50 people in a shooting at a nightclub.
* Orlando Attack: When did this happen?
* Christina Grammy Killer came from 'other city'
The White House said in a statement: "This is terrorism and hate the process."
Adding that "it is not known clearly about the currently attacker.
Orlando Mayor has declared emergency in the city after the attack.

Adding that "it is not known clearly about the currently attacker.
Police said officers had made killed the assailant entered the Pulse club in the middle of three hours after the incident in which several people hostage.
The Reuters has learned that the suspect's name and his age is 29 years old Omer Mateen
Police called the incident a terrorist attack or the relationship did not know whether the United States or another country.
Orlando Police Chief John Mina told a news briefing that the exact number of victims is not known yet but 20 people were killed. Another 42 people were injured.

He said the attacker was a rifle, armed with a pistol and was tied with any type of device.
The idea being that a terrorist attack was not a terrorist watch list, but I recently was being investigated in connection with another crime.

The Orlando Police said they have a "controlled explosion". Meena said the aim was supervising the attacker's attention. The attacker was taken hostage inside the club Meena said.

China: Tianjin blasts kill 44, injure 500

China's northern port city of Tianjin blasts killed at least 44 people and wounded more than 500.
The explosion occurred in a warehouse near the port where "lethal goods, including explosives, were laid.According to China's official news agency, Shin was dead, including 12 firefighters.
The agency is expected to rise in the death toll.Wednesday and Thursday night a thousand firefighters are trying to control the blaze.China's state media said the explosion was so intense that their voices were heard several kilometers and after the explosion of flame could be seen from space.
Explosion of containers at China city Tianjin
Social media released photos of the sky can be seen through the flames. Nearby buildings were demolished by the explosion. More than 500 people were injured in the blasts and the city's hospitals are full of patients.
China's official media reported 11 injured were in serious condition.
The first blast occurred at 11:30 am local time in the night and it was about 30 seconds after the second explosion.
Explosion in Tianjin China
Explosion in Tianjin China  
China's earthquake center said the first blast was equivalent to three tons of explosives exploded while the other blast was equal to 21 tons of material borough
According to the official news agency Shin, President of China Xi Jinping to the rescue msasrh 'effort' is emphasized.
American eyewitness, truck driver xahu xyngcn told AP news agency that it was exactly the same as we are talking about a nuclear explosion, I had never imagined that such a thing be able to see, it was very scary, but it was beautiful. "
An eyewitness told local media that he had suddenly stepped out to purchase the 'fire saw a big fire. "
Eyewitness, said the blast shook the ground, cars and buildings were shaken. Each of the buildings were shattered and began jogging. All people living in the buildings were on the road together. "
After explosion fire is still on going
After explosion fire is still on going
Despite the lapse of several hours after the explosion of the fire is still ongoing. State TV said police engaged in search and rescue as well as fire extinguishers, and she wants all chemicals to be completely gutted.
There are strong winds in the area. More explosions in the chemical concerns.
The scenes shown on state television after the explosion of the power has gone off nearby buildings. China's state radio says there are cracks in buildings close to the scene.
Canada witnessed the explosion from a woman told : "I was sleeping. The blast opened my eyes, I felt like the whole building was shaking. There was an earthquake, I was scared up from the bed and the sky was red and my neighbors were out of the building. The second blast was so late. '
China's capital Beijing, Tianjin city in the southeast of the main industrial and commercial ports is calculated and is based in the city of 75 million people.
People are suffering from explosion smoke 

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